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Logo hi bridges4On 21 September 2014 following many months of deliberation and preparation we incorporated a non-profit corporation called "Humanitarian Initiative BRIDGES"

The purpose of this non-profit is humanitarian, social and spiritual. The recipients of the services and actions of the non-profit are primarily displaced people/refugees from Syria who are in Greece or abroad. The nationality of the displaced people/refugees does not however limit the services that the non-profit offers.

It seeks to normalize their stay in Greece, both short and long term, assisting them in taking steps in the restoration of their life at all level of their needs (material, psychological, spiritual, social) aiming to provide them with security, treatment and restoration.

It aims to network, to "bridge" the displaced/refugee Syrians with other Non-Profit Organizations, public or private services, structures and organizations, hospitality and housing, services offering legal support, social and advisory aid, hospitals and agencies offering health services, national and international human rights support organizations, embassies, places of worship, and generally any entity within or outside Greece, which could act in a supporting manner, during their relocation from war-torn Syria to a safe country of their choice, within the context of National, European and International Law..

It seeks the promotion, pursuit, safeguarding, protection and establishment of the human rights of displaced Syrians within and beyond the borders of their country.

It seeks to express, support and represent those individuals who have been excluded from the capability to pursue their legal rights on their own.

It seeks to raise awareness in Greek society and even in other nations regarding the issues facing those individuals who have been displaced from Syria or even other countries and regarding the rights of refugees according to National, European and International Law and to create "bridges" of intercultural communication and coexistence in the community.

It is also seeking to generally provide spiritual, social, psychological and material support to victims of war, persecution,racial or religious discrimination, as well as victims of social exclusion, including unaccompanied minors of such victims that are in Greece.  

Humanitarian    Initiative    Bridges

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